About: Meghan

Photo by Rylee Hitchner

Oh, hi! I’m Meghan. If there were a million hours in my day, I would laugh and cry over coffee and doughnuts with all of the people I love, I would daily make a new friend, I would visit all of the places I’ve yet to go, and I would write loads more thank you letters and just because notes. I’m optimistic that one day I’ll be a morning person, because breakfast foods are everything and morning light and the beginnings of the day are so quiet and still and promising. It’s a little hard to write oneself out into words. I guess I’m not as sure of who I am as of who I want to be… and that’s an honest heart, a dreamer, a true friend, a broken soul, a striving yet contented spirit.

My life story is- “saved and ever held”. I walk forward because of knowing, that in Christ, grace is always greater, endings find beginnings, and there is no alone.

I’m a photographer because I believe in “the everydays”, “the all the times”, “the whispered i love you’s”, and “the handholding”. Memories lasting over belongings, and the skipped over moments, made forever. I believe in this. And for what it’s worth… I’m so glad you stopped by!

My heart is the happiest on the smaller roads, the unbeaten paths, with authentic souls, and truthful secrets. I choose the wildflowers over roses, the unknown over familiar, the deep words over chatter, the laughter over rubies. I believe in clients turned friends, and that every story has its own way of winding.

Photos by Rylee Hitchner

Photos by Rylee Hitchner