5 Things you should know and ask before booking your wedding photographer

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I realize that deciding on any and every one of your wedding vendors can feel overwhelming. So often the best in the community can only be found by rabbit trailing on Instagram or referrals of other vendors who have watched them in action and have seen their final products over a period of time. With that being said, I think choosing your photographer can feel like the most intimidating task. There are a million plus one out there, and your photographer can seriously make or break your day. After all, they will be spending almost every second of it with you. You kind of sort of should like them.

Here’s a list of 5 tips/questions I think you should know and ask in looking of your wedding photographer-

1- Face to face time is a must. Meet them in person or at least have a phone conversation/FaceTime with them BEFORE you sign the contract. Your memories and wedding day experiences are going to be closely tied to the photographer you choose. Please do not book someone who has pretty work, but doesn’t take the time to make you feel loved or cared for. Wedding planning is a lot. Your wedding day will be a lot. Your photographer should have the potential to be a dear confidante.

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2- Ask to see a full wedding gallery. Photographers obviously all highlight their strengths and favorites moments from wedding days. Ask to see several wedding galleries to get a feel for where your photographer puts emphasis, what their strengths/weaknesses are, and how they document real wedding days. (Oftentimes portfolios can be made up of styled shoots, which are great but not totally the real deal, and not the best representation of how your imagery will necessarily turn out.) You need to be able to trust them. 

3- If they’re married, ask them about their favorite images from their day and how that has influenced them now as a storyteller. Or just ask what their favorite parts of wedding days are and what they enjoy photographing the most.

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4- Ask them how they got into/why they’re shooting weddings. Why’s get to so much of the heart of a person. You’ll learn a lot through this.

5- Ask yourself how important wedding photography is to you? I imagine you’re budgeting to some extent or another (I feel ya. You’ve got this!!). Friend, you kind of have to prioritize your vendors and know that so often you’ll get what you’ve paid for. Where do your photos fall in the line of importance to you? A friend who does photography on the side is going to give you different images AND a different experience than someone who does it full time and has been at it for a while. Sorry, that’s just the facts. 

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Again, remember your photographer will be there ALL. DAY. LONG. Ask yourself if you would choose them as a friend in real life or be okay with having them in your bridal party… because they pretty much will be. 

Happy planning, friend!